Our Vision

Our Vision

The impact of substance abuse continues to destroy families, communities and society. The youth are particularly hard hit due to increases in the harmful use of alcohol and the abuse of unlawful drugs. Alcohol and unlawful drugs are also considered a contributing factor to the rise in non-communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS, and psychological disorders. Non-users are also exposed to injury and death due to people driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and through been victims of violent crime.

As a response to the existing high rate of substance abuse in schools and communities, especially amongst teenagers, we want to develop training and create awareness and an early warning system for parents. As Recovery coaches we want to be proactive and innovative so that parents have an early warning system to act timeously and to get professional intervention.

We believe that if the learners / Users habit of substance abuse can be detected in the experimental phase much can be done to remedy and correct the situation. The drug plague has also entered Primary Schools and has in a short space of time created serious distress to both educator and parent.


  • Living a clean and drug free life
  • Being respectful and courteous in all interactions
  • Volunteering and transfer skills to all
  • Being honest, fair and modest in relations with others
  • Show compassion and understanding towards all


  • To Promote a drug free life
  • To create awareness of the dangers of substance abuse and to create solutions for this ongoing challenge.
  • To assist community and family members to deal with addiction.
  • Making drug testing and coaching more affordable to our communities.
  • Engage kids at an early stage to create awareness and understanding.
  • Engage school going youth on sustainable addiction programmes


We offer Coaching and basic Counselling services to communities at no cost.